Your 7 Day Action Plan To Earn Your
First Affiliate Commissions Online

Implement this 7 day action plan as you go but don’t skip any steps. Everything will be explained in both written and video format. So, lets get started.

Day 1: Choose Your Niche Market

The first step in getting started is choosing a niche market. You may already have a niche in mind, but even if you do it would be a good idea to research it thoroughly to be sure it’s likely to be profitable over the course of time.

That doesn’t mean I want you hung up on choosing a niche.

For many, this is the point where they freeze up, afraid that they’ll choose the wrong niche or spend a lot of time and effort creating killer content around a niche that doesn’t make enough money to keep them afloat.

So, I’ll make this very simple for you. You either want to go for desperate niches or passionate niches.

Desperate niches are those in which the average buyer has a problem they are desperate to solve. Maybe they’re lonely and they are desperate to find a partner. 

Perhaps they’re dealing with mental, emotional or physical affliction that they’re anxious to seek relief from. Or perhaps they are struggling financially or professionally and need guidance in getting their career back on track.

These people will gladly spend money if you can convince them you can give them the help they need. In desperate markets, you are a problem solver. 

Passionate niches are those in which the average buyer is very passionate about the topic. 

This type of niche includes hobbies like crafts, golf, collecting, drawing, painting, singing, cooking, video gaming… pretty much any type of hobby or pursuit that people feel extremely excited about.

These people will gladly spend money if you have what they are looking for at a good price. 

The great thing about passionate niche markets is that half your market research has been done for you because you already know what your target audience is most interested in and willing to pay for.

Ultimately, the best niches are evergreen niches that already have: 

  • Unlimited products to promote. 
  • High demand and constant growth. 
  • A large, existing customer base.
  • Lots of existing blogs/sites, products, social media groups and forums.
  •  And above all else, competition! 
  • Makes sense, right? 

It’s always best to dive into a niche that has already proven to be popular and profitable. Don’t be afraid of the competition, it’s a sign that the niche is viable and worth pursuing.

Niche Research Methods

There are a few easy ways to check a niche for potential profitability that don’t require a lot of time. To start, the niche research method you use will depend on the type of niche you are interested in. 

For example: 

The easiest way to check for profitability of an information-based niche is to check sites like Amazon. You want to see lots of different books and products in your chosen category. Then analyze rankings to determine whether they are profitable, as well as how easy it would be for you to break into that market.

Watch The Video Below, Follow The Steps And Pick A Profitable Niche