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This is where all the bullshit ends. This is exactly what got things going for me.

A few years ago Paul Nicholls released his flagship course Super Affiliate Classroom. It wasn’t your typical $12 course but an extensive affiliate marketing training that set me back $497 without any guarantees that I would make a single penny from the method.

But my goodness, this course was an eye-opener and it turned me from a struggling newbie into an intermediate marketer in no time at all. I still use this method whenever I run affiliate campaigns. But best of all, it makes me money each and every time.

This method is as EVERGREEN as it gets and it will stand the test of time!!! So, when Paul offered me Private Label Rights I grabbed the opportunity with both hands because I knew that it would help a lot of new marketers.

But enough chit-chat for now. Grab a pen and paper, make notes and for god’s sake implement what you will learn.Take relentless action…and never look back. If I can do it then so can you!

1. Introduction (1:16)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. You’ll get everything needed for high converting affiliate marketing campaigns with tiny amounts of traffic.
2. Take notes and implement everything shown in the extensive training.
3. Money doesn’t fall from the sky, you need to take action to succeed online.
4. Don’t quit when you hit a roadblock, contact me for help and get back on track.

Side Note

If you have questions, you can contact me over here

2. The Big Mistake (11.30)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. Most affiliates get low conversions on their promotions.
2. Direct linking is the main reason for low conversions.
3. Direct linking means sending a visitor directly to the sales page, resulting in losing money.
4. Affiliates who direct link do so because of laziness or lack of time.
5. Direct linking is a waste of time and money.
6. Affiliates with massive lists can still make some money by direct linking.
7. However, they will always make more by doing it the right way.
8. Structuring and organizing affiliate promotions is essential for success.

3. Laying The Foundation (27:42)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video is about building a foundation for an affiliate business.
2. Paul emphasizes the importance of having a blog for a successful affiliate business.
3. Many affiliates overlook blogs, but it can increase conversions and income.
4. Paul’s blog (and mine) is simple and has a customized banner with a slogan.
5. Having a unique slogan can add uniqueness to the blog and brand.
6. The blog should have some kind of opt-in form to build your email list.
7. The blog needs hosting and a domain name without any spaces or hyphens.
8. This strategy is Evergreen and applicable to any niche.

4. Account Set Up (5:26)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video covers platforms needed for an affiliate business
2. Five platforms needed in total
3. Blog platform covered in previous video
4. YouTube account required for video reviews
5. Facebook business account necessary for networking
6. Two separate Facebook accounts recommended (personal and business)
7. Autoresponder needed for list-building. Use Getresponse or Aweber
8. Hostinger or HostGator are recommended for hosting, no other tools necessary

5. Getting Organised (17:05)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video is about being organized in online business.
2. Being organized is important for online business success.
3. A wall planner is recommended to structure days, weeks, and months.
4. The planner should have at least 2-3 weeks of future plans.
5. Affiliate marketing is the primary focus of the course.
6. The wall planner is used to mark down affiliate promotions.
7. The planner helps to know what to work on and when.
8. The video provides an example of how to use a planner for affiliate promotions.

6. Product Selection (20:04)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video discusses finding affiliate offers to promote in a business.
2. Being organized is important in finding and promoting offers effectively.
3. The first step is to check the calendar and plan ahead.
4. It is not recommended to immediately promote an offer without proper planning.
5. The process involves finding an offer on Monday to potentially promote from Tuesday afternoon.
6. Muncheye.com is a platform that can be used to find upcoming product launches in the internet marketing niche.
7. It is not necessary to focus on products that are more than a few weeks away.
8. Being organized and planning ahead can lead to more successful affiliate campaigns.

7. Check It Over (5:03)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video discusses reviewing the product.
2. Many affiliates are lazy and don’t review the product.
3. Reviewing the product builds credibility and trust.
4. Going through the product shows honesty in the review.
5. Reviewing the product is important for building reputation and authority.
6. Reviewing the product involves going through all the videos and testing the software.
7. Being honest in the review will improve conversions.
8. Video 8 will cover creating the review.

8. Creating Your Profit Machine (19:21)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video covers creating a review for an affiliate promotion or campaign.
2. Paul uses video (and written) reviews, which are more powerful than text-based emails.
3. Many affiliates do not use video reviews due to laziness and lack of time.
4. Direct linking to sales pages is relying on the sales page to convert customers.
5. Pre-selling and sending warm or hot traffic to the sales page is more effective.
6. Most sales pages do not convert as well as video reviews.
7. Paul has had campaigns with nearly 100% conversions through video reviews.
8. There are many small moving parts to the affiliate marketing process.

9. Secret Template (42:44)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video explains the video review template and script that Paul follows every time.
2. Paul has been using and improving this template for the past year to 18 months.
3. Paul has a paper with the layout of the template on his wall for quick reference.
4. The template is important because it covers all the necessary information and angles for a successful review.
5. The first step of the template is to write the name of the product and add the word review.
6. The second step is to write down the main course, including its launch time, sales page, members area, main course price, and early bird offers.
7. The third step is to write down the upgrades or otos, including their prices and explanations.
8. The fourth step is to write down the pros and cons of the course.
9. The fifth step is to write down the bonuses that will be offered to potential buyers.

10. YouTube Secrets (15:01)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video covers uploading a YouTube review video and SEO tips.
2. Paul uses a recently done review as an example.
3. The video emphasizes using the product name and “review” in the title.
4. Tags are important for YouTube SEO.
5. The video should be as long as needed, even over 20 minutes.
6. Paul suggests using unique phrases like “One of a Kind bonus” in the title.
7. The description box should include a link to the sales page and the reviewer’s blog.
8. Paul promises to show how to layout the review in the next video.

11. Profit Machine Template (28:01)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video is about creating a review on a blog.
2. Paul emphasizes the importance of being honest and transparent in reviews to build trust with readers.
3. Paul shows examples of different review posts that he has created.
4. Posts have higher SEO value than pages and are recommended for reviews.
5. The post title should include the product name and a catchy phrase for bonus offers.
6. The review should start with a unique text to improve SEO.
7. The problem that the product solves should be presented, followed by a review video.
8. The video should be embedded on the page and set to autoplay.
9. Autoplaying the video is important for increasing engagement and conversions.

12. Secret Email Sauce (01:20:54)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. The video covers email Secrets which are important for affiliate marketing
2. The first stage of affiliate promotion is creating the review and structuring it for maximum conversions
3. After the review is complete, the next stage is to get traffic to it
4. The email Secrets stage has four or five different parts
5. Before starting email marketing, make sure the review is complete and bonuses are ready
6. Don’t make affiliate links clickable until the offer goes live
7. The first email should go directly to the review and the subject line should only make people want to open the email
8. Giving too much information in the subject line is a common mistake made by affiliates.
9. Follow-up emails can be sent to those who did not click the link in the first email.
10. Scarcity and urgency can be used in emails to increase conversions.

13. Activate Links (15:43)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video explains why you shouldn’t activate affiliate links until the start of the campaign
2. Send out emails early to drive traffic to the blog post and review video
3. Allow potential buyers to read the review and watch the video before the launch
4. Sales page may be uploaded but not active before the launch
5. Waiting until the start of the campaign ensures commissions for the affiliate marketer

14. Death By Swipes (12:30)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. Swipes are pre-written emails provided by product owners for affiliates to promote their products.
2. Using swipes means that the emails sent out will not be in the affiliate’s own voice and style.
3. Subscribers and customers get used to an affiliate’s style of writing, and using swipes can lead to them unsubscribing.
4. Swipes often sound spammy and do not reflect the affiliate’s personality.
5. Swipes are often written to direct traffic to the sales page rather than the affiliate’s own blog or website.
6. The priority for affiliates should be to get people to their blog and trust their recommendations, not just direct linking to the sales page.
7. Swipes are pointless and worthless for affiliates who want to build their own brand and reputation.
8. Affiliates should take the time to write their own emails and focus on building a loyal following to establish themselves as an authority.

15. Number One Priority (9:26)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. Prioritize getting people to your blog when running an affiliate campaign.
2. Your blog does the heavy lifting for you. Don’t send people anywhere else.
3. Every email should be written with the priority of getting people to your website.

16. Store VS Shopping Mall (23:19)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. Paul advises against using bonus pages as the primary method for affiliate promotion and recommends focusing on building a blog or website instead.
2. Bonus pages are not as effective as a normal website or blog
3. Bonus pages require a lot of effort to create and need to be created for each campaign
4. A blog or website can be continually updated and improved, providing long-term benefits
5. Bonus pages only offer one page for promotion, while a blog or website can offer multiple pages and opportunities for promotion

17. Add Some More Secret Sauce (17:56)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. The strategy to increase anticipation and engagement involves sending a content email on Monday before the offer goes live on Wednesday.
2. The content email includes a message tailored towards the upcoming affiliate promotion.
3. This can increase interest, engagement, and the number of people opening and clicking on emails.
4. This strategy can make a significant difference in the success of an affiliate campaign.

18. Page Creation & Delivery (10:02)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. Get your links from platforms like Warrior Plus, JVZoo, and ClickBank
2. Upload bonuses to the download area before the campaign goes live
3. Use Optimized Press or a private blog page to create bonus delivery pages
4. Deliver valuable bonuses to increase sales and revenue
5. Offer custom bonus videos or use PLR offers to make them unique
6. Offer upgrades on the bonus delivery page to make extra sales

19. Traffic (31:44)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. The main focus should always be on building your list.
2. Building your email list is crucial in increasing traffic to the blog
3. Your blog filters out uninterested parties and increases conversions & sales
4. You don’t need a lot of traffic to make a lot of money with this method

20. Email Truths (29:41)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. It’s vital to know the nuts and bolts behind your email list and how it functions.
2. There are three types of people: raving fans, engaged customers/subscribers, and non-engaging customers/subscribers.
3. Raving fans are the most valuable and profitable type of person to have on your email list.
4. Raving fans will buy just about everything you put out and engage with you on various platforms.
5. It’s difficult to find raving fans, but they can turn into one after being on your email list for a while.
6. Engagement drops off over time, and it’s important to understand the lifespan of the different types of people on your list.

21. Round Up/Conclusion (25:58)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video covers everything taught in the entire course.
2. Tips are given on what to do for every single affiliate campaign.
3. A long-term plan for business growth is provided.
4. The first step is to find an offer and be organized.
5. Using planners and whiteboards can help with organization.
6. Write down affiliate offers to promote and get a review copy.
7. Always offer unique bonuses and fill gaps in the course.
8. Build relationships with product creators and other affiliates
9. Consider creating a membership site and building an email list for long-term success

22. Bonus – Case Studies (21:57)

Key Take-Aways From This Video

1. This video is a case study for three affiliate campaigns
2. The first campaign discussed is for a product called Pinnacle
3. Generated 95 unique clicks and 65 sales with a 32% conversion rate on the main product
4. Rest of the income came from upsells, which is why it’s essential to mention them in the review
5. Bottom line: be unique and create custom bonuses for higher results

Here are some of my own results, doing exactly what is shown in this course and with a tiny list of under 500 people…

I hope that you’ve learned a lot from this course. Now I also know that most people will struggle to get highly targeted traffic to their reviews and squeeze pages.

So I decided to give you access to another full blown training that will show you how to drive traffic from the most popular social media platforms.

You can access the social media traffic course over here.

To Your Success,

P.S. If you have any questions, then just leave a comment below or visit the contact page on my blog and I’ll get back to you asap.

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