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Below you’ll find all the information you need to build an affiliate business, using nothing but simple yet proven  traffic strategies.

Now, I didn’t create this training myself but it’s a combination of traffic strategies that I use myself, taught by successful marketers…I just bought the Private Label Rights to their training.

As the saying goes – There’s no use in bringing food to a buffet…Or in other words, there’s no use in creating new training when it’s already available.

Anyways, let’s get cracking…


There are several strategies that you can implement. You can use them separately or even use them together.

The main thing about using Facebook for affiliate sales, is to fill your friends list with people who would likely buy from you.

Don’t just accept or request anyone.

Find people in relevant groups, check out their profiles and see if they’re a good fit. If they are clearly a marketer, then they might not be a good fit. It depends on what products you are promoting.

Therefore, when adding friends just ask yourself if they look like they might be interested in what you’re promoting.

And go from there…

Profile Growth:

– Have a profile photo that clearly shows your face.

– Build up your 5,000 friends slowly and carefully. It’s quality over quantity 🙂

Here’s the RVL method of daily posting:

– Post daily to your profile.

– Use a combination of Results, Value & Lifestyle (RVL Method).

Before posting to your profile, always spend 10-30 minutes engaging with people on your friends list. Go and like/comment on their posts. This will help to get engagement faster when you do make your post.

How to find and post in other related groups:

– Find 1-5 related Facebook groups to join.

– Post to those groups once a week (per group).

– You can use existing profile posts but don’t post them in groups on the same day you post to your profile. Leave it a week before adding them to a group.

– People who like and comment on your group posts, check out their profiles and request them as friends.

Finding and requesting friends:

– Find and request 10-50 friends every single day.

– If you get the warning box “Do you really know this person?” then take a break for an hour or two and don’t request any new friends during that time.

How to message without being too salesy:

– Message your new friends. Be interested in them and don’t try to sell.

Strategy #1 – Facebook Group

This strategy is all about building up your own Facebook Group. This video shows what to do:

– Have a header and sidebar featured image that have a call to action on them to join your group.

– Post to your group 2-3 times a week. Use unique content and not posts you have added to your main profile.

– Have monetized posts that contain your affiliate links.

Here’s how to create your own group and the settings to choose:

Strategy #2 – Limited Offers

With this strategy, you create an irresistible offer and post it to your profile each day. Here’s what to do:

– Create a bundle that adds up to around $1,000

– Make your price point $97

– When you get at least one payment, remove the post.

– Repost the offer every day, use a different time so that more of your friends will see it.


In this part we’re going to focus on creating product review videos and rank them on Youtube.

The best way is to just get on camera and show your face while you’re reviewing the product…

But if you’re camera shy then you can use a tool such as Visla to create your videos.

Visla also comes with human-sounding voice-overs that you can use for your reviews.

The script for your review can easily be written by another AI tool such as Chat GPT

Whichever way you choose to go, just follow the basic guidelines in the tutorial below and you will get results!


In this video tutorial below, Paul’s using a self-hosted WordPress blog…

But keep in mind that you can do exactly the same with a free Systeme.io account.

Systeme.io allows you to build a fully functional blog completely for free.

Although you could build your blog on a sub-domain from Systeme.io it’s highly recommended that you invest around $10/year in your own domain name.

Just point your domain name to Systeme.io and you are good to go.

While you could write the entire review yourself it might be a good idea to get some help from Chat GPT as it will save you tons of time.

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